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Security & Privacy Services

As a Federal Security and Privacy Subject Matter Expert, QSSI partners with agencies to assess and build security and privacy solutions. We provide comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessments, and design and deployment services to build effective information security and privacy solutions. Expert, trained, and certified professionals implement security and privacy best practices that can reduce threats to all critical business assets.

Identity & Access Management

IdentityAs a technology agnostic solution provider, we offer our vast experience working within the FIPS 201 marketplace to custom fit a solution to the uniqueness of the existing technology within your work environment.

Our certified professionals provide data provisioning, policy-based strong authentication (including smart cards and biometrics), identity and access management system components, federated identity management, and automated auditing and reporting. Our solutions enable high-volume role-based access control and user profile management for user accessed applications.

Enhancing Identity Management Systems already in place to conform to PIV requirements is a challenge for many Federal agencies. It requires expertise in several disciplines including legacy government credentialing systems, integration with network and perimeter security systems, smart card and biometric standards, identity proofing processes, and more. Most Federal agencies have diverse physical and information security infrastructures in place. Some agencies have first generation smart cards. Given this diversity there will be different migration paths to FIPS 201 compliance. Your current investments can be leveraged in the development of your HSPD-12 solution.

The QSSI approach is a comprehensive standards based approach that ensures full compliance with HSPD-12
We deliver a range of Identity and Access Management solutions using a comprehensive standards-based approach that ensures full compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). Our solutions leverage the power of open technology standards that integrate with a wide variety of biometric and smart card credentialing systems, enabling physical and logical access convergence while keeping the user experience simple! The result is an enterprise system that has more robustness, and an improved organizational security posture that does not sacrifice usability.

Biometrics and Credentialing - Smart Cards, HSPD-12, CAC

BiometricQVerify HSPD-12/Smart Card Solution is an integrated framework that offers HSPD-12 compliant credentialing services to issue PIV Smart Cards to both Federal employees and contractors. This FIPS 201 compliant solution leverages the power of open technology standards, which integrate with a wide variety of biometric and smart card credentialing systems that are on the GSA Approved Products List (APL). Our solution can integrate products from leading FIPS 201 vendors such as Aware, Crossmatch, L-1, ActivIdentity, Oberthur, Fargo, and Hirsch Electronics. As a result, our FIPS 201 solution enables physical and logical access convergence for our customers and can scale within large enterprises to provide an improved organizational security posture without sacrificing usability. The QSSI solution can also operate in a hybrid mode with the GSA Managed Service Offering (MSO).

Key features include:

  • A core SOA based framework for repeatable HSPD-12 deployments
  • Customizable workflow components for easy codification of the business process requirements of each client
  • Integration component for card integration with other systems
PACS/LACS Solutions

PACS/LACSAs an HSPD 12 Systems Integrator, QSSI provides full Physical & Logical Access Control Services. We implement card production as well as IDMS and CMS functionality. From applicant registration through badging, QSSI maintains secure, compliant FIPS 201 approved credentialing. QSSI provides card registration, card management, revocation inquiry, cardholder access, and digital certificate validation as well as solutions that integrate Logical Access Control with Physical Access Control.

The QSSI approach addresses all FIPS 201 requirements:

  • Identity Proofing and Registration
  • Issuance and Maintenance
  • Interoperability
  • Card life Cycle Management
  • Card Reader Specifications
  • Card Authentication
  • Biometric Standards
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Privacy
  • Compliance
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Migration Planning
Financial Systems Solutions

FinancialDecisions regarding technical infrastructure, business requirements, and new technologies can make implementing financial systems a complicated and generally underestimated process. QSSI expertise includes implementation of financial systems solution. We have the expertise in both the private and public sector necessary to manage financial system implementation projects, from configuring application setup criteria and complete data conversion to integrating and interfacing multiple systems, including legacy applications. We deliver innovative solutions encompassing the entire System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including: system requirements and design; system implementation; system support; project management; performance measurements; accounting and budgetary data integration with adherence to audit requirements.

Information Assurance – FISMA & HIPAA Compliance

Information InsuranceQSSI can assist you in the process of certifying mission-critical IT systems are adequately protected using proven NIST SP 800-37, 800-53, and 800-53A based Certification and Accreditation (C&A) methodologies.

QSSI delivers comprehensive, enterprise-wide FISMA and HIPAA assessments, and design and deployment services to build effective information security solutions and privacy solutions. Expert, trained, and certified professionals implement security and privacy best practices that can reduce threats to all critical business assets. Armed with the latest security threat intelligence with advanced countermeasures, they help build effective security programs that enhance operations and improve security and compliance postures. In addition, our documentation specialists are especially adept at writing to Federal IT security policies and regulations to NIST and FIPS standards in a clear, comprehensive, and compliant documentation.

As a Federal contractor with security as a core competency, QSSI established an Information Assurance Strategic Solutions Group. This group is composed of CISSP, CISA, and HIPAA-certified professionals who perform security planning, implementation, and documentation required for FISMA, SAS70, HIPAA, and other regulations. As a result of this group, QSSI developed HIPAA+, a single-source, hosted solution that manages the compliance process efficiently for all areas of HIPAA compliance - security, privacy, transactions, and code sets – through a visual dashboard.


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