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Managed Business Services

QSSI understands that the success of any major IT program is heavily dependent on exceptional business and support services. Managed Business Services allow organizations to transfer day-to-day services responsibility of major IT programs to QSSI as a strategic method to improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations. By combining our core competencies, QSSI designs custom service solutions to meet the personnel, process, and technology needs that allow organizations to achieve its business goals.

Call Center Management

Call CenterThe increasing complexity of today's IT solutions creates an ever growing demand for support from the end user and as a result, the call center has become a critical support function for many organizations. QSSI realizes Call Centers are typically the first line of communication for an organization. QSSI has built a strong practice based on the Help Desk Institute (HDI) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodologies to provide quality user support in high trouble ticket, heavy call-traffic environments. We provide trained HDI-certified personnel and supply them with the technologies necessary to respond to calls quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Our rigorous training controls and continuing evaluation methods ensure that our Call Service Representatives (CSRs) can set and meet high service level goals. Our Call Center performance has consistently shown cost reductions by combining trained personnel and proven processes with state of the art tools.

Custom Outreach Programs

Outreach programs are a set of tools – the combination of materials and activities – put in place to build direct channels of communication with communities of people. Outreach activities are used to promote awareness, educate a community, provide vital information, and/or reduce risk. A good outreach approach does not focus exclusively on disseminating information about the work of a particular organization, but also addresses the concerns and expectations of a targeted audience to promote open communication, and develop effective participation mechanisms. Using the latest in communication strategies and technologies, including media, multimedia, web, video, and social media, QSSI crafts customized communications solutions to meet an organization's goals and requirements.

Custom Courseware Development

QSSI instructional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) adhere to a systematic design methodology, conforming to adult learning principles, to design and develop customized training that effectively transfers to the workplace. We present training in clusters of five 60 to 90 minute sessions that build on one another. Through our Train-the-Trainer program, we teach trainers to use the SMART methodology: Specific, Measurable, Active, Relevant, & Timed to achieve the best results. Our training materials are accurate, engaging, and available in multiple formats: electronic, CD/DVD, and hard copy. Our eLearning solutions provide the flexibility, accessibility, and convenience of 24x7 access to stakeholders. Through Internet and Computer-Based Training (CBT), students learn the information they need when and where they need it at their own pace. Based on specific training needs, we provide a blend of computer-based, self-paced learning through the use of webinars, eLearning modules, and traditional classroom instructor-led training to reinforce the learning experience. Training participants are able to complete segments of the training in a virtual classroom environment from any location and apply the learning through interactive instructor-led classroom training.